About Me

I'm a (relatively) normal twenty-something with an interest in health and wellness that might contradict my claim to be (relatively) normal.

I'm a "health nut" who eats plenty of salads and avoids vegetable oil and trans fat like the plague...but I also love ice cream and don't ask my local ice cream stand what's in their German Chocolate Flurry, because I really don't want to know.

I love farm-fresh eggs, organic produce, and grass-fed meats...but I live in a sprawling suburb and have basically no money, so none of that happens very often.

I'm a logic-oriented person with a strong scientific and medical background, who gave up going to medical school to pursue having a family instead - but I don't have kids yet so people look at me funny when I say that.

I follow several health-related blogs that show various degrees of intensity, and I’ve tried to find a balance between staying healthy and being a functioning member of society.

I’m not your typical health-and-fitness blogger. I never had a drastic health scare, or a major weight loss journey. I’ve had a general workout routine since high school, and I’ve had a general sense that I should watch what I ate to some degree, but I never took it to any extreme. I’ve been a healthy weight my entire life (a bit too skinny at one point, actually), and the only health issue I’ve ever had is a recurrent knee injury from being an idiot when I was in sixth grade and jumping off a play structure backwards.

However, I got really bored at this boring medical office job that I had, and decided a while ago that instead of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook at work, I was going to learn things. And since I’m still a science geek at heart, I decided to delve into recent scientific research in my favorite medical areas – nutrition, digestive health, and reproductive health.

And what I found was … disturbing.

And, since my boyfriend (who does NOT have a medical background) gets annoyed when I talk about my findings for hours, I started to write them down (again, Bored at Work) for my future reference.

Annnndddd….since it doesn’t cost me anything to put my thoughts on the Internet, I decided that since my findings could potentially be useful to someone…why not? I have no idea if people will actually read this, but if one person is benefited by something I was gonna do anyway..well, that’s a win!

And then, eventually, I stumbled on homestead and started absorbing information like a crazy person.  I decided to start a garden and work on frugal ways to DIY everything. I decided to keep blogging about it because writing is kind of fun, and if anybody finds it helpful - cool. If not...well hey, I'll have a fun catalog of my thoughts. I still read science journals for fun, but now I also read gardening how-tos and old cookbooks.

Check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thedoctective/

And to get this info out there, I decided to randomly add myself to a couple of web directories. Hopefully at least one person can benefit from this information!

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