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New Direction - with More Posts!

Hello Internet!
If anybody was reading this before, I doubt they are now since I haven’t posted anything in months. But here is why:
Changed jobs. No wait, changed career fields. Now, instead of sitting in a boring medical office all day, I’m chasing middle school kids around. Suddenly, there is less time to sit on Pub Med looking up random stuff. Lack of research motivation. I feel quite comfortable with the science that I’m already familiar with, and there haven’t been any new studies that have really grabbed my attention. I follow several longitudinal studies, but nothing has come up that has made me embark on a quest for answers. Trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Do I want kids? When? What are my priorities? How do those differ from my boyfriend’s priorities, and how do I get him to agree with me? Y’know, the usual stuff.
Anyway, I have reached a conclusion that is a direct result of some of the less-scientific websites I enjoyed frequenting during my team in the med…